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Yes, all services we provide through our site are FREE to use, whether you want to  compare Electricity & Natural Gas prices or you want us to notify you of best deals in the market. We fight in your corner and therefore, we do NOT charge a cent for the services we provide.

Some service providers pay comparison sites some commissions for referring their services. We may therefore receive commissions from vendors for the referrals we make. These are use to keep our  site running. Please note that we never sell our members’ data in no form and members can be assured their data are safe.

Finally, we do not show you only the deals that make us money but we compare and show you the whole of market, even if it doesn’t make us money. we only care that you sign up to the deals that are in your best interest.

Our purpose is simple. Making it easier for Canadians to seamlessly connect with their utility service providers and to shop their energy by providing them with the right information in a simple to understand fashion. Our team members are industry veterans who are passionate about educating households in their journey to selecting the best products as well as service providers.

Also, we’ve heard how countless number of  customers describe the information on their utility bills as complicated. We thought that understanding energy bills shouldn’t be different to other household bills and customers should be able to compare the rates they are charged and have the necessary information to switch their services

So you’ve inspired us to build a tool that strips the effort out. We’ll hold your hand throughout the process and make sure you ALWAYS get the best utility rates.

Now that you’ve joined our movement, our team will continue to monitor the market for you and let you know when there’s a better utility deal for you. We’ll also contact you about other energy saving and home management tips which could save you money.

Bill Savers’ Club (BSC) is only for Canadian residential consumers who are on domestic energy supply.

A fixed rate tariff, also referred to as Guaranteed rate tariff is a tariff type that guarantees a constant energy rate over a specified period of time, usually 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. During this time period, the price of each unit of electricity or natural gas is fixed. This means your energy retailer commits to keeping the price of energy the same for the duration of the deal/ contract, regardless of what happens to energy prices. With this said, it doesn’t mean that your monthly bill will be the same each month as the amount charged by your retailer depends on energy usage each month.

This tariff type is also known as Floating rate and is called floating or variable because the rates you are charged may vary from more to month. With a variable/ floating rate deal, your energy retailer charges you the price of the energy you use based on market conditions, leaving you vulnerable to a price hike. On top of the market price, the retailer also  charges you a service fee on top of the energy rate that you pay each month.

While we may not have provided all the answers to your enquiries, reaching us is just a few keystrokes away. Our Members Happiness team are happy to assist you find the right solutions to those nagging questions.   Feel free to Contact Us

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