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Terms & Conditions


We are a technology company that provides free Price Comparison to the public and rate notification services to our registered members with the aim of helping them lower their household bills. Some of these products and services offered on our website may be offered by third party websites which are linked to our website. Where this is the case, you will be bound by the third party’s terms and conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions, “we”, “our” and “us” means Muvar and “you” and “your” means any person who uses our website.

If you are unsure about any aspect of these Terms & Conditions, or have any questions regarding our relationship with you, please contact us.

The Terms and Conditions relate to muvar (the “Service”), by which the user/ subscriber (also referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “you”) authorizes us to collect your data and use the details you provided to us via our website for the purpose of recommending tips on lowering your household bills and also to make recommendations to you where we deem fit by using our own assessment and judgement.


1. About Muvar

The Service is provided Muvar Inc. trading as Muvar (also referred to in these Terms and Conditions as “muvar”, “we” or “us”), a company registered in Alberta and Canada.

Nothing in this site shall be deemed to constitute financial or other professional advice in any way. In choosing to use the services from this site, you should not rely solely on the information contained within the site pages. You should carefully read the terms and conditions relating to any specific product/ service before proceeding.

Further information about the services can be obtained from our website and other publications or by contacting us. All Service details, rates, terms, conditions and other information are subject to change from time to time.

As a user/ subscriber, you will not be charged for using our website. Instead, when we introduce you via our website to buy a product or service from a third party, that third party may pay a fee and/or commission to us.


2. Our Rate Notification Service

In order to assess the energy supply deals available in the market and to decide which one suits your needs best, we rely on information you provide to us regarding your location, and your current service provider. We do not independently verify the information you provide to us and we rely on what you tell us in order to find the best deals for you. It is your responsibility therefore, to ensure that the information you provide to us is accurate and up-to-date. In order to notify you of price saving deals or better deals and as part of our ongoing service, we may access information held about you.

We take into account a broad range of factors in recommending rates/ deals which include price but also include long term price guarantees, quality of service, customer service, customer ratings, financial stability of the Retailer, its track record and other information that may be available to us. Best value for money is one of the criteria by which we recommend energy retailer for our members. However, the service is provided for general information only. By providing our service we are not recommending or endorsing any retailer or Service.

You also agree that we are only providing information regarding retailers and their services, and you are not contracting directly with us for the provision of those services; and that any person to whom you have given access to your login details may enter into a transaction for services via the Website on your behalf; Also, you are responsible for making all payments due to any Retailer on the terms agreed with the relevant Retailer for its services or otherwise, and we shall have no responsibility for payments to any Retailer.


3. Disclaimer and liability

The muvar Website (including all contents on it) is provided by us to you free of charge on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We do not guarantee that the Website will operate continuously, without interruptions or be fault-free. We may need to make the Website unavailable to carry out maintenance or upgrade work, in which case, we will try to give you reasonable notice. We may also update and change the Website from time to time. We will try to give you reasonable notice of any major changes.

We will use reasonable care and skills to ensure that information provided to us by the Retailers in respect of their Services or otherwise is accurate. However, we may obtain some or all this information from third parties and therefore, We cannot, and do not, provide any representations, guarantees, and/or warranties (express or implied) as to the quality, suitability for any purpose (including your needs), compatibility, reliability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information provided by any Retailer and/or accessed or obtained by you via the Website, our call centre(s), or otherwise through using our services. It is your responsibility to evaluate the quality, suitability, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of this information.

In addition, we make this Website available for Canadian residents only and in doing so, we are not making any offer or promotion of any services or products to persons NOT in Canada.


4. Credentials and passwords

User names and passwords and other subscription log-in credentials that we may provide to you for the purpose of accessing our service (“Account Credentials”) are personal and must not be shared. You must keep Account Credentials secure.


5. Use of the Service

The Service is provided to users for the purpose of obtaining the best deals for their private, personal purposes and to help members lower their bills and also help them notify their service providers of any home moves with minimum hassles and effort. The use of the Service or the use of your subscription for purposes which are inconsistent with the foregoing is strictly prohibited.

Unless arranged and agreed in advance with us, the use of the Service for any commercial or research purposes (including, without limitation, to conduct any surveys or to scrape or collect any data, to carry out competitor analysis or price research, to monitor the Service or third party energy deals or offers) is strictly prohibited.

Without derogation from the generality of the foregoing, any of the following is prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of the subscription without liability and may be reported to relevant authorities:

a. the unlawful use of the Service or its use for unlawful purposes;

b. the provision of misleading or inaccurate data to us in connection with the Service;

c. accessing a member’s account without the member’s express authorisation;

d. signing up, accessing or using the Service, or obtaining any product recommendations, data or other input from the Service, through automatic means (e.g., using “bots” or other computer software without an individual person controlling each step of the use of the Service);

e. the use of the Service for the purpose of developing, providing or carrying out any service or business targeting third parties (whether or not such service or business competes with us) or its use for the purpose of generating any revenue (other than savings on your private household bills); or

f. the use of the Service in a manner intended to cause overload or disruption to the Service.


6. Warranties

You warrant and represent to us that:

a. You are at least 18 years old;

b. You are a Canadian resident

c. You do not represent any third party (other than your immediate family members or, if you are the owner or manager of a property held under lease or tenancy, the tenant or lessee) and you do not act in any capacity other than as a private consumer;

d. You subscribe to our Service(s) for private personal purposes and not for any of the purposes prohibited under these Terms and Conditions;

e. All information you may provide to us about yourself and your property including information relating to your current utility Retailer, your address and other information we request from you is true, accurate to the best of your knowledge and not misleading in any way; and

f. You will update us if any information you provided to us becomes out of date or untrue during the term of your subscription.

We warrant to you as follows:

a. we have the right to provide the Service;

b. we shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Service using reasonable care and skill; and

c. we shall use commercially available technologies to protect your personal data.

Other than the warranties, representations and covenants expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions, we give no warranty, nor make any representation in relation to the Service and the parties expressly disclaim to the fullest extent permitted by law any representation or warranty relating to the Service that may be implied by these Terms and Conditions, by custom or by law or otherwise and which is not expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions, including any implied warranties of quality, merchantability, title or entitlement, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of third party rights, the ability to achieve a particular result or functionality, including any warranty or representation that the Service will be uninterrupted or error free, and all such implied terms or warranties are expressly excluded.


7. Privacy policy

We understand how important your privacy is and we take its security seriously. To read our Privacy Policy, click here. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.


8. Intellectual Property

The Service uses our intellectual property rights. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “the muvar IP” means all intellectual property rights subsisting in or relating to the Service including Platform-Generated Data, the computer code and other system elements underlying the muvar application, software screens, all design elements and artwork, templates, layout designs and design facilities included in the Service, the concepts and ideas underlying the Service, all statistical and analytical data captured by or through the Service and the trade marks “muvar” and “the cuddled home” icon and any other trade marks, trading names or signs adopted and used from time to time by us in relation to the Service.

You will not acquire any right, title or interest in any muvar IP as a result of using or signing up for the Rates Notification service, except the limited right to receive the notification from us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Other than to receive and use our Service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or otherwise with our prior written consent, you agree that you shall not and shall not assist, procure or authorise any other person to do any of the following, that is:

a. the Price Comparison or Rates Notification service for the benefit of any third party (except immediate family members, or, if you are the owner or manager of a property held under lease or tenancy, the tenant or lessee); or

b. modify, amend, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, re-engineer or otherwise re-create or attempt to re-create the code or the structural framework for part or all of the Service or reproduce, make adaptations or derivative works to the Service, or any of the muvar IP; or

c. remove or change any proprietary or copyright notices, trade marks or trading names or other indications of source or ownership of ours that are included in the Service.


9. Third parties

This Website may contain links to third party products, services and/or websites that are not affiliated with us. We have no control over the products, services or websites of these third parties and we do not guarantee or take responsibility for them. This Website may also contain advertising from third parties and we are not responsible for any misleading or inaccurate advertisements which are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Any links or advertisements on this Website should not be taken as an endorsement by us of any kind.


10. Restrictions on use

You may link to the home/ landing page of the Website, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it. You must not establish a link in a way that suggests association, approval or endorsement on our part, if non exists. We may withdraw your permission to link at any time.

You agree not to:

a. Transmit any material designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or limit the functionality of our Website;

b. Use any automated software to view our Website without consent or to access our Website other than manually;

c. Use our Website other than for your own personal use (if you are a consumer) or for your legitimate business use (if you are a business user);

d. Attempt to copy our data our reverse engineer our processes;

e. Use our Website in any manner that is illegal, immoral or harmful to us (including to commit or facilitate the commitment of any fraud against us or any Supplier);

f. Use our Website in breach of any policy or other notice on our Website;

g. Remove or alter any copyright notices that appear on our Website;

h. Publish any material that may encourage a breach of any relevant laws or regulations;

i. Interfere with any other user’s enjoyment of our Website;

j. Transmit materials protected by copyright without the permission of the owner; or

k. Conduct yourself in an offensive or abusive manner whilst using our Website.

We shall be entitled to suspend your use of the Website and/or terminate these Terms of Use immediately if you commit a breach of these Terms of Use, and in particular these restrictions on use, which in our reasonable opinion is serious enough to merit immediate termination.


11. Other comparison services

This Website (and associated contact centre(s)) may offer further comparison services for a range of other Services, including electricity, gas, haulage, solar panels, broadband, fixed line and mobile telecommunications, and television. In respect of these further comparison services:

a. you will need to answer a number of questions which cover the full set of questions needed by the relevant underlying Suppliers and any intermediaries they may use. The answers you give to these questions will determine the services which may be made available to you;

b. you must get permission from any other people whose details you propose to use in requesting a quote, before you provide any of their information. This applies to all information that you provide, but especially sensitive data like health information or criminal proceedings or convictions. In submitting any other person’s details, you are confirming to us that you have their permission to do so, and that they understand how their information will be used;

c. you should take care to answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge, as this will help Suppliers make sure the Services are best suited to your needs;

d. if you are obtaining Services via the Supplier’s website, you must also read the relevant Supplier’s own policy, agreement, and terms and conditions. They are the terms and conditions that you agree to by taking the Services from the relevant Supplier and are separate from our own. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Services match your requirements and that you agree to the terms and conditions of any Service before you apply for it;

e. we seek to ensure that we accurately process the information you have provided for the purpose of providing a price comparison service. However, we stress that it is your responsibility to check that your details are correct on the underlying Supplier’s website; and

f. we cannot accept liability for errors made by the underlying Supplier or their intermediary or appointed representative, or answer complaints on their behalf. In such an event, we recommend you follow the guidelines provided in the Supplier’s documentation.


12. No fees for our Rates Comparison and Rates Notification services

We will not charge you any fees for using our price comparison or notification services. However, we may receive commission from a retailer when you:

(a) click through to their website; and/or

(b) purchase Services from them.