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The Muvar Energy Cost Calculator can help you estimate your monthly residential energy usage cost, based on projected Electricity or Natural Gas use and other criteria. By selecting the options below, the Calculator tells you of any potential savings.

To calculate the estimated monthly energy usage cost for your home, please select any of the options below:

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  1. The muvar Cost Calculator should be used for informational purposes only. The amounts shown here are energy usage cost (per kWh/GJ). They do not include Transmission, Distribution and Delivery charges; therefore they do not match your total billed amounts each month. For solar systems, the calculator does not estimate surplus energy pricing.
  2. All figures provided by the muvar Cost Calculator on this page are only estimates. Estimates are subject to change and do not represent an offer or guarantee for future costs of energy.
  3. Benchmark calculations are based on current Electricity/ Natural Gas Regulated Rates Option (RRO) and do not take into account future adjustments. Click here for more information on Regulated Price Rate Options (RRO).
  4. The Cost Calculator is not designed to estimate bills for consumers on equal billing/budget billing plans.
  5. The usage estimates used in this calculation are based on monthly consumption for the typical Alberta residential customer. Your monthly usage may be different.