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Smart Thermostat Usage: A Guide to Winter Energy Savings


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As Canadian winters bring plummeting temperatures and rising energy costs, homeowners across the nation are looking for ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. One of the most effective strategies lies in the intelligent use of thermostats and furnace settings.

Smart Thermostat Management

The inclination to turn up the thermostat during the colder months is common among Canadians, but this habit can lead to significantly higher energy bills. A thermostat’s primary function is to maintain a predetermined temperature, regardless of external weather conditions. Setting it to a comfortable level, such as 20 degrees Celsius, is typically sufficient to keep your home warm. Increasing the temperature further can result in unnecessary energy consumption and elevated costs, without adding to comfort levels.

Optimal Furnace Settings for Efficiency

With the diverse climate across Canada, from the wet winters of the coast to the dry, sub-zero temperatures of the Prairies, understanding and managing your furnace’s efficiency is crucial. It’s important to note that increasing the thermostat setting does not speed up the heating process; rather, it prolongs the furnace’s operation, which can inflate your energy bill. Keeping the thermostat at a constant, moderate temperature is generally the most cost-effective approach.

Personal Warmth: A Complementary Strategy

In addition to optimizing your thermostat settings, adopting personal measures to stay warm can further reduce the need for high furnace usage. Dressing in layers, using warmer bedding, and embracing the concept of heating the person—not the entire home—can lead to considerable energy savings. This approach is particularly practical during the night or when the home is not fully occupied.


For Canadians looking to manage their heating costs more effectively, proper thermostat and furnace management can make a significant difference. By setting a consistent temperature that’s comfortable for living spaces and focusing on personal warmth, Canadians can enjoy a cozy winter season with more manageable energy bills. As the cold sets in, remember that small adjustments in your home heating habits can result in substantial savings, proving that a little awareness goes a long way in the great Canadian winter.