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Energy Switches for Renters


Looking to switch energy?

As a renter, you may have the option to have your utility bill included in your monthly rent or to set up the utility bill in your own name and pay it directly. In some cases, you may be required to use the same energy retailer as the previous landlord.

However, if you are responsible for paying the utility bills and feel that you are paying too much, you have the right to switch to a different energy retailer. Use our  price comparison tool to find the best option for you.

Key Points for Renters

Can tenants switch energy retailers?

As a tenant, you have as much right to switch energy retailers as a homeowner. So long as you pay the bills, our price comparison tool makes the process easy to compare energy rates and switch to your preferred retailer. However, if your landlord is responsible for settling the utility bill, you’ll need to discuss with them before deciding to switch.

What are tenants' rights on utility payments

As a tenant responsible for paying bills, you have the right to choose your energy retailer. Your landlord may suggest a specific retailer, but you can use a price comparison tool to find the best option for you.

As a tenant, can I move move utility to a new home without cancelling my old agreement?

In most cases yes. Many retailers offer free service transfers when moving to a new home, allowing you to keep your current energy deals without canceling your  agreement.

Looking for cheaper energy rates?