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How to Save Big with Alberta Energy Providers


Looking to switch energy?

Is you energy contract almost at the end?

Do you suspect you are paying too much on your energy plan?

Negotiating with your electricity and natural gas providers can lead to significant savings. Just a quick phone call or engaging in a live web chat can yield fruitful results. Many residents have recorded huge savings after threatening to switch to new retailers over the years, showing it’s definitely worth the effort.

Here are some encouraging stories from Albertans just like you:

After following Muvar's guidance on negotiating with my electricity provider, I successfully reduced my monthly bill by $10. This was after a quick 15-minute call. Thrilled with the extra savings!"
- Alex
from Edmonton
"Muvar's advice on utility haggling was a game-changer. I was ready to switch providers, but after mentioning this, my current provider offered a discount that saved me almost $300 a year on my electricity and natural gas bill."
- Taylor
from Calgary.
"Threatening to leave my electricity provider led to them offering me a rate that's significantly lower than what I was paying. I saved $150 annually thanks to the strategies I learned from Muvar."
- Jordan
from Red Deer

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If you desire for any of these stories to be your, follow these steps below for bigger savings:

Step 1: Research and Compare

Start by understanding what other deals are available in the market. Alberta’s energy market is deregulated, meaning you have the choice to shop around for electricity and natural gas providers besides the default regulated rate companies. Use resources like muvar’s price comparison tool to compare currentenergy prices and plans.

Step 2: Ready to Haggle? Tell Them You Might Leave

Armed with your research, contact your current provider ready to negotiate. The goal is to reach their ‘customer retentions’ or ‘loyalty’ department, which has more authority to offer you discounts or better rates to keep you as a customer. Expressing your consideration to switch providers can be your leverage here.

Step 3: Enhance Your Haggling Skills

To ensure the best outcome, follow these tailored haggling tips:

  1. Be Pleasant and Positive: Approach the conversation with a friendly and upbeat tone. Your attitude can significantly impact the negotiation’s outcome.
  2. Mention Past Issues Politely: If you’ve experienced service disruptions or billing errors, mention these calmly as reasons for considering a switch.
  3. Know When to Call: Timing can affect the success of your negotiation. Try contacting them during off-peak hours or towards the end of the month when sales teams are eager to meet their targets.
  4. Persistence Pays Off: If your first attempt doesn’t yield the desired results, don’t hesitate to call again. Different representatives might offer different deals.
  5. Ask for Extras: If they can’t lower your rate, see if they can offer other value-added services or perks. Sometimes, they could offer you bill credits of up to $200.
  6. Ready to Walk Away: Be prepared to switch if the negotiation doesn’t meet your expectations. Often, the mere indication that you’re serious about leaving can lead to better offers. Think about it, why would utility providers spend millions of dollars to acquire customers and then lose them midway without realizing their Return on Investment (ROI). There’s high likelihood, they offer you an incentive to stay.

Stay Informed and Keep Negotiating

The energy market in Alberta is dynamic, with rates fluctuating based on various factors, including market demand, regulatory changes, and supply issues. Keeping informed about these changes and being willing to renegotiate or switch providers can lead to continuous savings on your electricity and natural gas bills.

Thinking of Switching Energy Retailers?