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Maximize Savings with the Canada Greener Homes Grant: A Guide for Homeowners


Looking to switch energy?

With a goal to creating a more sustainable environment, the Government of Canada has introduce  the Canada Greener Homes Grant, a fantastic opportunity for homeowners in Alberta and across Canada to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes.

Understanding the Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a significant initiative designed to help Canadian homeowners embrace energy-efficient practices. This program is not just a step towards reducing your carbon footprint but also a smart way to combat rising electricity rates and lower your utility bills in Alberta.

Grant Amount and Eligibility Criteria

  • Grant Amount: Homeowners can receive up to $5,000 to cover the cost of energy-efficient home improvements. Additionally, you may be eligible for a $600 reimbursement towards the cost of pre-and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations.
  • Eligibility: The grant is available to Canadian homeowners, including Indigenous peoples and residents of Alberta. You are eligible if you own a home in Canada and it is your primary residence. Various property types are eligible, including detached, semi-detached, townhomes, and mobile homes on a permanent foundation.

Why Consider the Canada Greener Homes Grant?

  • Energy Savings: Upgrading your home with energy-efficient installations can lead to considerable savings on your utility bills, a crucial factor in Alberta where electricity rates are a concern.
  • Increased Property Value: Energy-efficient homes often attract higher market values.
  • Environmental Impact: Lower energy consumption means a smaller carbon footprint.

Eligible Upgrades Under the Grant

Potential upgrades include:

  • Solar panel installations
  • Enhanced insulation
  • High-efficiency heating systems
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors

Steps to Take Advantage of the Grant

  1. Energy Assessment: Begin with an energy assessment by a qualified advisor.
  2. Plan Your Upgrades: Choose the upgrades that best suit your home and align with the grant’s guidelines.
  3. Apply for the Grant: Visit the Canada Greener Homes Grant website for application details.
  4. Implement Upgrades: Hire professionals for the installation.
  5. Post-upgrade Assessment: Conduct a second assessment to verify improvements and finalize grant eligibility.


The Canada Greener Homes Grant is an exceptional chance for Canadian homeowners to tackle high electricity rates and utility bills. By opting for energy-efficient home improvements, you enjoy a more comfortable home, lower energy costs, and contribute to a greener future.

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